Sunday, September 14, 2014

Listen to Original Jazz Composition by Austin Kimble

Last October I released a two-disc album of original music with my project, The Kimbles, featuring members of the Austin Kimble Quartet, an Austin, Texas-based jazz band.  Today, I'm sharing one of my favorite jazz compositions for you to listen to anytime you visit my blog.
"3 cheers for free music!"

Yes, it is named after and in honor of the spiritual guru, and I composed it myself.  In fact, all of the music on Meet The Kimbles is original except for one track; we covered the jazz standard "After You've Gone."  Babaji is inspired by the music of Texas-trumpeter Kenny Dorham (1924-1972) and pianist Horace Silver (1928 - June 18, 2014) and is released on my blog in honor of Mr. Horace Silver, may he rest in peace.

I would be honored if you purchased a physical copy of our album at  (It's also available everywhere music is sold online except iTunes :-)  If you've been following this blog, you won't be surprised to hear that the first disc is original rock music, and disc two is original jazz music!  I would like to thank jazz greats like Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock for the inspiration to use both genres of music on one album release... albeit with a different method to the madness!

For you audiophiles out there, if you purchase a physical copy of our CD, you also get lossless FLAC and high-quality MP3 downloads of every song for free with your purchase.  No more sub-standard iTunes sound quality!


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